Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gorgeous Spring Flowers on Ordway Street

Every time I walk around our neighborhood I wish I had a camera. That's especially true right now on Ordway Street where along one block there are multiple colored hydrangeas and roses. What are your favorite flowers?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lavender Spongecake with Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich at Sugar Magnolia

Some listings on menu blackboards stop you in your tracks. That was the case on a very sunny Sunday afternoon in Cleveland Park when I spied the "lavender spongecake/strawberry ice cream sandwich" at Sugar Magnolia.

Lavender shortcake + strawberry ice cream at Sugar Magnolia
Sugar Magnolia is located next to-slash-inside local source star, Ripple, at 3417 Connecticut Avenue.

The Burger at Dino

Let's be honest Cleveland Parkers, we're wallowing in one of the best burger blocks in the entire District. Nestled between the decadence of Frank Ruta's Palena cheeseburger and Nate Garyante's burger at Ardeo, lies The Dino Burger. And, it's the first one that I had after being away in Europe for a week.

The Dino Burger
One of my favorite thing about Dino in general is their commitment to amazing, locally sourced ingredients. The burger is ten ounces of grass based, grain finished Roseda Farms (from neighboring Maryland) beef. It's served on grilled ciabatta bread with relish and Sriracha mayonaise. When your server asks you if you want North Country Smokehouse bacon, Prairie Breeze American cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, just say yes. If you want to amp it up more, there are mushroom and Gorgonzola options.

The only question is, does it taste better on the patio or at the bar? Either spot will get you a burger and a local craft beer or Menabrea Italian beer for just $15 - all night, every night.

Fathers Day (Month) Special on Burger & Brew at Dino
Dino is located at 3435 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC - directly across Ordway Street from Cleveland Park Metro stop. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for owners Dean & Kay Gold's famous email newsletter

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