Thursday, August 11, 2011

Must Try: Eastern Shore Corn Risotto with Squash Blossoms at Dino

As much as I like to restaurant and bar hop, Dino has become a bit of a home away from home. Owners Dean and Kay are so nice and passionate about their food. The bartenders, Sam and Andrew, are always welcoming and serving up creative cocktails... and the patio is puppy-friendly, a key point for this dog obsessed Cleveland Parker.

I've been to the Sunday brunch many times. Normally, I'm a brunch classic kinda gal, but after an afternoon of exercise I didn't want to blow all of that work on the decadent Breakfast Bread Pudding. I love how wide open the brunch is - for just $25 you get three courses. And you can mix and match starters, entrees or pastas, cocktails or desserts... whatever you like, Dino will make it happen. (Heads up, they do the same for Restaurant Week which is coming up Aug. 15-20.)

This time around, I started with the Canteloupe Rickey and the Insalata Forte, made with local greens. But the stand out was the Eastern Shore Corn Risotto with Squash Blossoms:

Eastern Corn Risotto (photo: Tammy Gordon)
Like much of Dino's food, it's made with seasonal ingredients that are only available a few weeks a year - so top by and try it while you can!

Follow Dino on Facebook, Twitter and via Dean's famous email newsletter for the latest new specials and menu items.

Dino is located at 3435 Connecticut Avenue, just across Ordway Street from Cleveland Park Metro. Book a reservation on Open Table.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch at Indique

I met my friend McCealaig for lunch last week and we had such a nice meal at Indique, I just had to share it with you all. I normally think of Indique for dinner, but during lunch it's got gorgeous light streaming through the windows and is more intimate for catching up on all of the girl gossip!

 When I arrived, I had a Pink Martini waiting for me and the first course had been ordered. (See, this is why it's great to have foodie friends that take control!)

The first thing that arrived were these adorable little crab cones. OK, that's what I called them, they are really called Crab Papad Roll and use Maryland crab with shallots, chiles and coconut, all wrapped up in a papery thin cone!

Crab Papad Roll (photo: Tammy Gordon)
 Next, we had the Mini Oothapam, a savory pancake with ground lentils and rice.  You can get a vegetarian version or one with chicken, both served with chutneys and side dips!
(photo: Tammy Gordon)
For my entree, I chose the Tamilnad Fish Curry, prepared with hearty fish fillets, fenugreek, onions, tomato and tamarind.
(photo: Tammy Gordon)
I had been tweeting up a storm, as I often do, and Chef K.N. Vinod must have seen it because all of the sudden this amazing pastry with a honey and ice cream side showed up on the house. Well, huge thanks chef, because we're now going to have to add this to our regular order!
(photo: Tammy Gordon)
You can follow Indique on Facebook, follow Chef Vinod on Twitter and read his blog.

Indique is located at 3512 Connecticut Avenue NW, right at the feet of Cleveland Park Metro.

PS. Don't miss half-price wine bottles on Sundays!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wanted: Burly Men to Trade Brawn for Pedicures

See Nam's Posh Nails. I love me some new pedicure chairs, but seems like we are having a little trouble getting past the lobby.

Men of Cleveland Park, help the ladies out!