Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime Sunday Brunch at Palena in Cleveland Park

I'm a brunch girl, so I'm happy to see so many Cleveland Park restaurants getting in the game. I've tried Dino (love the breakfast bread pudding), Medium Rare (egg frites and a bloody mary), and as of today, Palena.

I started off with a cute patio table on the most gorgeous spring day. From there, things only went up. I ordered a cup of coffee and a lemon glazed donut. I love that you can by by-the-donut for $2.00 because it was huge. I can definitely see myself sitting at the bar with coffee, a donut and my iPad for a lazy Sunday ahead.

While I dilly-dallied with the next menu choice, my dog Ike napped in the sun. It was a tough choice. I mean, Chef Frank Ruta's version of Bacon and Eggs involved pork belly, coddled egg and ramps. But, I die for their cheeseburgers and the brunch version comes topped with a fried duck egg.

I decided to dance with the one that brought me there... but I'll be back to check out the Bacon and Eggs, as well as the pizzas and other options soon. Pretty sure once my friends see this photo, I won't have trouble finding a dining companion to meet me.

Palena is located at 3529 Connecticut Avenue, right at the Cleveland Park Metro stop. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or read the full brunch menu here (pdf). Brunch hours are from 11:30am - 2:30pm.

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  1. Love ur blog, Tammy!!! Great photos!!

  2. Thanks! It's a fun way to get out and explore the neighborhood. Hope to do more posts soon!

  3. I am looking forward to trying all these places in the hood! Love your updates so I know they're all delish!

  4. They are! Hope to catch up with you in the hood soon!