Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Twist on the DC Half Smoke at Ripple

Earlier today, Chef Logan Cox posted on Facebook that he was unveiling his take on the classic DC half smoke tonight at Ripple.

I swore I wasn't going out due to a super early morning flight, but a last minute CVS run needed to happen and an open bar seat beckoned...
Half Smoke at Ripple + fries and vino (photo: Tammy Gordon)
As it happens, I got the last half smoke order of the night. It was spicy, smoky and delicious. My neighbor was coveting mine.

So, looks like we need to lobby Chef Cox to permanently add it to the menu. Whaddya say?

Ripple is located at 3417 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC directly across from the historic Uptown Theater.

Pizza at Palena Market

Am I the last person in the neighborhood to realize that Palena makes a mean pizza during brunch?

I was delighted when I popped into Palena Market around lunchtime and saw this bubbly, cheesy, smoky pie. In the Market, you can get it for just $2.00 a slice.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Patio Time in Cleveland Park

Have you seen the card that says, "I'm outdoorsy in that I like drinking on patios."? Yeah, that's me. And this is my season.

St. Arnold's has the walls rolled down and Cleveland Park Bar & Grill has the roofdeck open (along with heaters for when the sun sets!)

Get out there and enjoy the neighborhood!
Cleveland Park Bar & Grill (photo: Tammy Gordon)
St. Arnold's Mussel Bar in Cleveland Park (photo: Tammy Gordon)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unlimited Mimosa Brunch at Ardeo + Bardeo

I popped by Ardeo + Bardeo for a little brunch today. I know from previous visits, the unlimited mimosas can be dangerous (dangerously fun.) I was trying to be healthy today... So I just had two. After all, a gal needs her Vitamin C.
Mimosas at Ardeo + Bardeo (photo: Tammy Gordon)
In addition to the mimosas (or Champagne), you get two courses for $25. Today, I had the stone cut oats with currants and honey.
Stone Cut Oats with Currants and Honey (photo: Tammy Gordon)
And then the vegetable omelette which was stuffed with mushrooms, onions and goat cheese.
Vegetable Omelette and Breakfast Potatoes (photo: Tammy Gordon)
Ardeo + Bardeo is located at 3311 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC. Follow on Facebook to get the latest events and new menu items.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ice Cream Sundae at Medium Rare

When most people think Medium Rare, they think steak. But, I think desserts. Have you tried them yet?

I've died over their carrot cake and cheesecake, but today when I popped by for a chat at the bar, I spotted this sundae the size of my head.

This one was headed for a kid-filled eight-top, but I'll be back to assuage my sweet tooth soon enough!
Ice Cream Sundae at Medium Rare, Washington, DC (photo: Tammy Gordon)
Hint: While they are completely booked up for Valentine's Day, make sure to get in around the 14th - they will have a special Red Velvet Layer Cake for a short time.

Medium Rare is located at 3500 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baked-to-Order Chocolate Chip Cookies at Ripple

I get asked a lot what my favorite place to eat is in Cleveland Park. Call me fickle, but I can't pick just one.

How bout we make a deal and I show you my favorite bites of the moment.

Right now, I'm following up seasonal vegetables and crispy pig tails over polenta with home made chocolate chip cookies. Ripple bakes them to order... And their gooey awesomeness blows my mind. You get three (two of mine are headed home) and a glass of whole or chocolate milk.

Do it Cleveland Parkers, do it.

UPDATE: Only one cookie made it home. It'll be lucky if it makes it to breakfast.

Ripple is located at 3417 Connecticut Avenue NW (in between Macomb and Ordway).  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates to their local-sourced, seasonal menu.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Three Course Sunday Brunch at Dino

We're lucky that Cleveland Park has such fantastic brunch options. This Sunday, I hit Dino for the "Restaurant Week $20.12 Brunch" where you choose an antipasti, a brunch, pasta or main dish and a bottomless Bloody Mary or fresh squeezed orange mimosa. I like how I can change up my options in so many ways!

Bloody Mary by Andrew Shapiro (Photo: Tammy Gordon)
This time I got the Bloody Mary, crispy fried artichokes (which are shipped weekly from the Santa Monica Farmers Market) and the Breakfast Bread Pudding (made with challah, Eco-Friendly local pork sausage, greens, mushrooms and pecorino cheese.)
Fried Baby Artichokes (Photo: Tammy Gordon)
Hungry yet?

Breakfast Bread Pudding (Photo: Tammy Gordon)

Early Spring Forsythia on Macomb Street

Check out the pop of yellow in the foreground of this adorable Cleveland Park cottage. Have you seen signs of spring in your yard yet? (I'm hoping my tulips stay underground longer.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Brunch Pick: Bacon (Pork Belly) & Eggs at Palena

Chef Frank Ruta doesn't mess around. His take on bacon and eggs at Palena's brunch is a softly poached egg and pork belly over the top of finely shredded hash brown.  Now, that's what I call scattered, smothered and covered.
Bacon & Eggs at Palena (Photo: Tammy Gordon)
Palena is located at 3529 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC. (Cleveland Park Metro)