Thursday, January 27, 2011

DEALS: 3 Personal Training Sessions for $90 at City Fitness

Um, are these things geolocating to me or is today just extra awesome for Cleveland Park? In addition to the mani-pedi deal on Living Social, we've also got a deep discount on personal training at City Fitness on Deals for Deeds.

Log in or sign up for Deals for Deeds and get three personal training sessions (usually $240) for just $90 at our local gym, City Fitness.

NOTE to slackers (ie, me), you have to use the sessions in the next three months, so get crackin'!

[City Fitness is located at 3525 Connecticut Avenue... right across from the metro exit and inconveniently located between Palena and Waygandt Wine.]

PS. How did I not know they had yoga and pilates? Anyone go to City Fitness and love it? Maybe I need to join as this whole, couch surfing thing is not helping my bikini bod for spring.

DEALS: Half Off Paraffin Mani/Pedi in Cleveland Park

I know many of you get emails or app alerts from endless discounters like Groupon, Living Social and Deals for Deeds. I keep an eye on all of them and will report them to you here when they are in Cleveland Park... like today's!

Now, I'm more of a Cleveland Park Day Spa or Nam's Posh Nails girl... but for just $25.00, I'll give Revo a try.

To get yours, click here and go to Living Social. Log in or sign up and voila - 55% off a paraffin manicure and pedicure... which we're all going to need once this snow breaks. You can only purchase it today, so get hoppin'.

[Revo is at 3416 Connecticut Avenue NW, just a block from Cleveland Park metro.]

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Available Lot in Cleveland Park?

Someone (a non city dweller) asked me what it would cost to buy a lot in my neighborhood. I scoffed that there would even be a slice of space available without a home, business or condo already built on it... but, whaddya know, there is.

Brought to you by my addiction to a pretty wooded lot on Klingle Road NW...

Just a mere $1.7 million clams. Contact Marc Fleisher of Long & Foster if you're ready to ante up...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPDATE: Tacklebox Opening Set for April

If you're like me, you've been peeking through the windows of the forthcoming Cleveland Park Tacklebox restaurant trying to deign when it might open.  A simpler way would be to follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds where they announced today that they are shooting for April - and they'll be announcing special offers!

tacklebox dc Pictures, Images and Photos

Hang in there CP! We'll have lobster rolls and blueberry pie come spring...

PS. Wonder if we'll get a Crackle Bar too? Email me & tell me what's the scoop!

[UPDATE: Well, that's a wrap. Tacklebox closed in April 2012. After the Bandolero pop up, we're getting a new tapas joint from the guy behind Floriana.]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Going Into That Empty Front Room of Palena?

Zagat reported today that Chef Frank Ruta's planning a grab-and-go section for that empty front window space in Palena. They say he's planning on breakfast and market items... perfect for commuters heading into metro or heading home from work. (Not so perfect for my nascent diet. I picked a bad week to be good.)
(photo accompanies Washington Post article below)
Not familiar with Ruta's excellence? Check out Jane Black's article on why he's the best chef in DC you've never heard of.

Palena is located at 3529 Connecticut Avenue NW in between Ordway and Porter, a stone's throw from Cleveland Park Metro. Follow them on Facebook for upcoming details and announcements.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPENING: Medium Rare Coming to 3500 Connecticut Avenue NW

Exciting news today, Cleveland Parkers! Not that Yanni's wasn't, um, lovely, but GUESS WHAT!?!? We're about to get ah-mazing on the corner of Ordway & Connecticut. Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post reports:
Washington is adding another steakhouse to the lot. But before anyone starts rolling her eyes or asking why it can't be a genuine deli instead, consider these juicy details: the location is Cleveland Park, dinner is expected to cost around $20 -- and star chef Michel Richard is consulting on the project.
Read the full article here. Doing the happy dance yet? Also behind the concept is burger genius, Mark Bucher - he's been one of the guys behind BGR Burger Joints that are proliferating like rabbits in our area (and for good reason!)

Let us know if you hear of when they will be hiring, which local sources will provide ingredients and what will be on the menu. Here's hoping the lure some of the best staff in town our way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Get It Started...

This isn't my first neighborhood. Or even my first blog.

I used to live like this:

"I just charged tomatoes, I'm hardly in a position to buy a place." 
-- Carrie Bradshaw

But somehow, in spite of myself, I managed to buy a condo... in my favorite neighborhood in DC: Cleveland Park. I've been living here since October 2010 and have only fallen more in love with it.

In the process of making this home, I've learned a little about real estate, the history of the 'hood and how many interesting things there are to do in this slice between Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues. I'll be sharing my story, adventures and discoveries about Cleveland Park here.