Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Favorite Delivery in Cleveland Park: Paragon Thai

We've got lots of amazing food in our neighborhood, but not a ton of delivery options. On my rotating roster are Spices, Siam House, Fresh Med, Dominos and my clutch player: Paragon Thai.

While I love green curry and drunken noodles, one day I tried their "Tofu Lovers" on the Chef's Specials menu and fell in lust. Now, I live in fear that the special will one day go away.  Way too much thought goes into meeting and lobbying the Paragon Thai owners into making it a regular menu staple.

Paragon Thai's Tofu Lovers Special with a side of Crispy Spring Rolls
It's not that I'm a vegetarian... it's just that good. Spicy. Sweet. and topped with crunchy fried Thai basil leaves.

What's your favorite delivery order in Cleveland Park? (Or who do you *wish* would deliver *cough cough* Vace)

Paragon Thai is located at 3507 Connecticut Avenue NW in the Sam's Park & Shop. They validate parking, but are so close to Metro, why bother driving?


  1. Vace, of course. But wouldn't it be great if Medium Rare delivered? I mean, you would get your steak and frittes, then, 15-20 minutes later, they would knock on your door with your seconds!

    So, given your mouth-watering recommendation from Paragon, what is your go-to order from Fresh Med?

  2. Ooh, I should have one, shouldn't I? I'm a sucker for anything involving falafel and goat cheese!