Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPENING: Medium Rare Coming to 3500 Connecticut Avenue NW

Exciting news today, Cleveland Parkers! Not that Yanni's wasn't, um, lovely, but GUESS WHAT!?!? We're about to get ah-mazing on the corner of Ordway & Connecticut. Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post reports:
Washington is adding another steakhouse to the lot. But before anyone starts rolling her eyes or asking why it can't be a genuine deli instead, consider these juicy details: the location is Cleveland Park, dinner is expected to cost around $20 -- and star chef Michel Richard is consulting on the project.
Read the full article here. Doing the happy dance yet? Also behind the concept is burger genius, Mark Bucher - he's been one of the guys behind BGR Burger Joints that are proliferating like rabbits in our area (and for good reason!)

Let us know if you hear of when they will be hiring, which local sources will provide ingredients and what will be on the menu. Here's hoping the lure some of the best staff in town our way.

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