Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fall at Rosedale Conservancy in Cleveland Park

One of my favorite finds since moving to Cleveland Park is Rosedale Conservancy, three-acres of terraced lawn hidden in our neighborhood since the 18th century. Through this gate, you enter rolling hills and secret spaces that are protected from development.
It is a privately-funded park that is supported solely by the neighborhood. As soon as I found out, I contributed to keep the space "as is" and even paid a little extra for Ike to be able to get his Rosedale dog tags. It's his favorite spot to stretch his legs and run all four pounds he's got a rocket launcher speed.
It's hard to say what season is the best at Rosedale, but fall is certainly gorgeous with the leaf lined paths and colors of the trees. (But sledding down the hills when it snows is up there too!) There are community events year round, such as Easter egg hunts and cookouts.
To learn more about Rosedale Conservancy or to help support it, visit the website... or better yet, just drop by (there are membership forms right by the entrance gate.
The main entrance to Rosedale Conservancy is located on Newark Street at the corner of 35th Street.

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