Thursday, January 27, 2011

DEALS: 3 Personal Training Sessions for $90 at City Fitness

Um, are these things geolocating to me or is today just extra awesome for Cleveland Park? In addition to the mani-pedi deal on Living Social, we've also got a deep discount on personal training at City Fitness on Deals for Deeds.

Log in or sign up for Deals for Deeds and get three personal training sessions (usually $240) for just $90 at our local gym, City Fitness.

NOTE to slackers (ie, me), you have to use the sessions in the next three months, so get crackin'!

[City Fitness is located at 3525 Connecticut Avenue... right across from the metro exit and inconveniently located between Palena and Waygandt Wine.]

PS. How did I not know they had yoga and pilates? Anyone go to City Fitness and love it? Maybe I need to join as this whole, couch surfing thing is not helping my bikini bod for spring.

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