Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TO DO: Barton Seaver Book Signing & Wine Tasting This Friday

I'm beach bound this weekend, but one thing I'm bummed I'm missing in Cleveland Park is Chef Barton Seaver's book signing this Friday, May 13 from 6-8pm at Weygandt Wines.

I'm kind of a Barton Seaver junkie. Not only is he a super talented, local chef (and then man who started Hook, Tacklebox and Blue Ridge menus) but he's a HUGE global advocate for sustainable seafood.

Chef Barton Seaver (photo:
What the hell is sustainable seafood and why should you care? Well... if you have a favorite fish, you should care. Basically, the "trendy" fish are being overfished and are threatened in their environment. In some cases, invasive species (people, dumping Nemo in the Potomac... bad idea) with no natural enemy are taking over their space and driving the natural species (the ones we like to eat for dinner) out. My most popular blog post over on Florida Girl in DC was actually about Chef Seaver's plan to fish the invasive lionfish out of existence.

Anyway, this hugely talented (adorable) local chef is going to be in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD... so get down there and say hello. He'll be signing copies of his newest cookbook For Cod & Country: Simple, Delicious, Sustainable Cooking and Weygandt will be offering complimentary wine tastings.  The cookbook is organized by month and features recipes with fish and ingredients that should be harvested at that time. Brilliant!

For Cod & Country (photo:
Weygandt Wines is located at 3519 Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC, right at Cleveland Park Metro.  Get all of the details on the Facebook event page here.

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