Sunday, December 18, 2011

Power Outage in Cleveland Park

My Christmas tree lights flickered and New Girl on DVR just went dark. A quick neighborhood canvas showed neighbors lights were out too, so I went to to report the outage.

Pepco's iPhone app Outage Map
Upside is, they know about it. Right now it's affecting 650 homes. A crew has been assigned to figure out the issue.

When you register your outage, they give you a choice to receive a phone call when power is restored. Pretty convenient so that you can go run errands or visit friends (ones that have heat and TV.)

Pepco's website says they expect power to be back on around noon. Now, what should a gal and a very small dog do for the next few hours?

UPDATE 11:08am: My power is back on at Ordway Gardens. Happy dance. Lesson learned... Pepco has an iPhone (and Droid and Berry) app. You can easily report outages, get updates and see maps of areas affected right from your smart lil phone. Who needs electricity? I mean, until you have to recharge.

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