Monday, October 29, 2012

What's Open in Cleveland Park During Hurricane Sandy?

I hope everyone is staying safe and dry during this storm. I'll try to keep you updated as to what I notice is open in case you need/want to venture out. So far, this morning, I've noticed that the bridge between Cleveland Park and Woodley Park is already starting to flood (just south of Macomb.) Moving water on streets can be misleading and dangerous, so don't try to navigate it. has been cleared.

I also am happy to report that Brookville Market is open and I spotted delivery trucks in the alley, so it's likely also restocked on a lot of items that were running low yesterday. Our Twitter friends report they have batteries, though not the coveted D batteries.

And the Solar Planet tanning salon is open (but plans on closing early.) Would it be odd to go tan in a fall hurricane?

Firehook is cranking out coffee and baked goods still. until 3pm. now closed.

Nanny O'Briens is opening at noon for lunch and dinner - AND $5 Hurricanes. 
Atomic Billiards is open for business with Dave behind the bar and Bacardi & Bud specials.

As of now, Cafe Deluxe is planning on opening. We'll stay tuned to Twitter and let you know if anything changes: now closed.

Neighborhood newcomer, Uptown Tap House has decided to open at 4pm and offer $12 all you can eat wings: 

So, what's closed for sure on Monday? Dino, Medium Rare, Ripple and California Tortilla.

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  1. Here are a few links to get you started down the rabbit hole:
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    Loren Naji Gallery
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