Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baked-to-Order Chocolate Chip Cookies at Ripple

I get asked a lot what my favorite place to eat is in Cleveland Park. Call me fickle, but I can't pick just one.

How bout we make a deal and I show you my favorite bites of the moment.

Right now, I'm following up seasonal vegetables and crispy pig tails over polenta with home made chocolate chip cookies. Ripple bakes them to order... And their gooey awesomeness blows my mind. You get three (two of mine are headed home) and a glass of whole or chocolate milk.

Do it Cleveland Parkers, do it.

UPDATE: Only one cookie made it home. It'll be lucky if it makes it to breakfast.

Ripple is located at 3417 Connecticut Avenue NW (in between Macomb and Ordway).  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates to their local-sourced, seasonal menu.

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